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Have you utilized your terrace garden space at your home? If not then this is the right time to do it! A terrace garden is a space that lets you spend some beautiful time and cherish the time near nature. A raised terrace paved or gravelled section overlooks a panorama and keeps your house dry within the transition. Trust a good vertical garden service in Delhi and build a terrace garden of your dreams.

To build a beautiful terrace garden, here is a guide for you to prepare a healthy organic terrace garden.

1. Get the right space

If your house is built in the right way with proper architecture then you can grow anything on the terrace even you can build a tree. Start with covering the whole land with soil and before it make sure you have waterproof the surface in order yo avoid water leakages. Or if you just need pots like a regular garden then you can do it easily.

2. Find the right soil rich in nutrients

Finding the right type of soil is equally important. You need a regular soil, compost coir peat (or sand) and vermicompost all in equal proportions.

3. Invest time in gardening

Gardening is very important to start with. Take a small pot and a vegetable seed that will gradually turn into veggies. You can plant veggies like tomatoes and chillies as these are the easiest thing to grow and do not require much effort.

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