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Preserved Moss Wall Services in Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Delhi Ncr, India

A Step Towards Greener Lifestyle: Preserved Moss Walls

What could be a better solution other than placing preserved moss walls to replace living walls, for places with no sunlight and lesser time to invest in maintenance! Moss Wall is feasible and manageable in comparison to living walls.

What Is A Moss Wall?

Preserved moss is not a new concept in designing industry but it sure is booming for their love of low maintenance and availability by the designers.

Moss Wall is created within a frame with chemical treated preserved moss, which is first preserved with glycerine and then coated with a colorant of a healthy food grade to maintain its vibrant and natural state.

Why Preserved Moss?

It is not always possible for the interior designers to use live plants and flowers to create the most exquisite landscapes without any preserved ones engraved around. The best way to ensure the longevity of the landscape is to use maintenance-friendly vegetation or foliage. And because the preserved moss does not grow so it does not require watering and sunlight either to be maintained to its natural state.

Preserved moss walls are one of the best substitutes for living walls as they need no fertilization or watering for maintenance and can be placed easily around for creating an astonishing landscape.

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