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Bringing Nature Indoors: Natural Moss Frames vs. Preserved Moss Walls




In recent years, the concept of biophilic design has gained immense popularity in interior decor and commercial spaces. It emphasizes the integration of nature into the built environment to create a more harmonious and visually appealing space. Natural moss frames and preserved moss walls are two innovative ways to bring the beauty of nature indoors. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key differences between these two options and help you decide which one might be the perfect addition to your space.

Natural Moss Frames:

Natural moss frames are an excellent choice for those who want a touch of nature without a full-scale moss wall. These frames typically consist of preserved or dried moss, lichen, and other natural elements, encased within a wooden or metal frame. Here are some key points to consider:

Customization: Natural moss frames come in various sizes and shapes, making it easy to customize them to fit your space. You can also select different types of moss and colors to match your interior design.

Maintenance: While these frames are relatively low-maintenance, they do require periodic care to ensure the moss remains vibrant and healthy. Light misting with water is usually sufficient.

Durability: Natural moss frames may require more frequent replacement or refurbishing compared to preserved moss walls, as the moss can degrade over time.

Preserved Moss Walls:

Preserved moss walls, on the other hand, offer a stunning and hassle-free way to incorporate nature into your space. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Zero Maintenance: One of the most significant advantages of preserved moss walls is that they require virtually no maintenance. The moss is treated to retain its natural appearance and does not need watering, sunlight, or any care.

Longevity: Preserved moss can last for several years or even longer, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Versatility: Preserved moss walls can cover larger areas, making them ideal for commercial spaces, offices, or public areas. They come in various designs, including moss art, lettering, and logo displays.

Choosing the Right Option:

The choice between a natural moss frame and a preserved moss wall ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

Space: If you have limited space, a natural moss frame can provide a touch of nature without overwhelming the room. Preserved moss walls are better suited for larger areas.

Maintenance: Consider how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in moss care. Preserved moss walls are virtually maintenance-free, while natural moss frames require periodic attention.

Budget: Natural moss frames are usually more affordable than preserved moss walls, which might be a crucial factor in your decision.


Both natural moss frames and preserved moss walls offer unique and appealing ways to introduce nature into your living or working environment. To make the right choice, think about your space, budget, and maintenance preferences. Whichever option you choose, you can enjoy the beauty of nature indoors and reap the benefits of biophilic design.

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