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Irregation system

Irrigation System: Watering Your Plants Effortlessly With Drip, Soak & Spray Techniques

What a hassle it is to water your garden with a hose and a pipe dragging around, consuming time and a lot of attention to cover all the ground! Well, fret no more! The innovative irrigation system that we use while planning your landscape has made it easier for the owners to help foliage retain its natural moisture without having to water them physically.

Irrigation systems are easy to install, given that they are well designed and placed correctly along with a control zone. They are easily accessible and operated with a spigot (a small operating plug/switch) for the water to flow all over the landscape, and can be customized with a timer to water the area for a specific time.

There are three best irrigation systems that make your job easier to water the landscape. You can understand and chose what suits your landscape best with the information provided below:

Sprinkler System

Perennial landscapes or the ones spread over the ground can have a better watering system with sprinklers in place. The sprinklers can be of multiple kinds, but the best suitable to water a landscape is either a hose sprinkler or traditional automated rotary sprinkler. They are efficient and effective for head-to-head coverage.

Drip System

Ideally designed for vertical gardens, drip irrigation system work wonders for green walls and vertical landscapes while saving money, time and water as well. This allows soil or the plants to soak the water in the required amount, avoiding any runoff. Drip irrigation systems can also be customized as per the need of the foliage.

Soaker Hoses

This is what plants love the most, a watering system that provides to the roots and keeps them naturally moisturized. And nothing can be better for the raised beds to keep a dripless, water-saving technique to irrigate them effectively. Soakers are placed near or underneath the roots to help reserve water efficiently. 

Why Vertical Garden/Green Walls ?

It is a completely innovative and productive thought of co-existing with nature while adding another dimension to an indoor or outdoor living space.

Increased energy efficiency

Reduce stress level 

Sound Barrier

Enhanced air circulation

Improve productivity

Healthier Place

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