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Why are companies investing in green architecture?

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Vertical gardens are not only preferred by house owners in their balconies, terraces, or yard but these gardens are a big hit at corporate sectors as well. Many companies and organizations contact vertical garden manufacturers and prefer these gardens because they understand its importance and how it can influence a good working atmosphere.

Here are some of the benefits of the vertical garden and why it has become a trend in the corporate sector.

Aesthetic benefits

The beauty is the number factor why many businesses want to include it in their working space. Even many architecture and interior decorators prefer vertical gardening ideas and they have created many beautiful buildings using vertical green walls.

Many vertical gardens manufacture in India are available that offers a great way to maximize limited space and claim to transform empty space creatively.

Environmental benefits

The green surrounding helps in decreasing the heat and smog from the environment. Thus, it makes your whole space beautiful and reduces the urban heat island effect because of human activities.

It further cleanses the outside air pollutants and removes all dust and carbon footprints of people and fuel emissions.

Physiological benefits

Plants have the quality to reduce stress and make the environment more peaceful and comfortable. Those people working in an environment tend to be 12% more productive as compared with those who worked in an environment without plants. There are many other studies as well that lay out the importance of green spaces in a human’s life.

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