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What do you need for a successful vertical garden?

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A vertical garden has become today’s need in our society. When you choose to bring life to your small house, then the beautiful plants or a living wall can be your best friend. These plants can help you grow vegetables, herbs and fruits that make your space more serene.

Being one of the Vertical garden manufacturers in India, we will also offer several things for its maintenance including proper adjustment, lighting, water system, drainage, and nutrition.

Vertical Garden Manufacturers

Our Vertical Garden Manufacturers will offer you the following support and help:


Every plant in a garden grows along with their roots and stem leaves towards the sun. When the plants are turned sideways in an unnatural orientation, it can result in unnatural growth which may divert the energy from foliar and fruit production.

Thereby, Leaflandscape offers a natural orientation to plant and stems leaves rising upward.


In most of the cases, it may be difficult to get enough indoor light to grow healthy edibles. Unfortunately, the small herb wall underneath your kitchen may not perform well unless it gets proper sunlight. Therefore, with the help of exterior living, you can get edibles and receive sufficient sunlight approximately 1 ounce per week of veggies.

Water Supply

As with any plants, supplying the optimum amount of water is quite important. The larger the plants grow, the better it will be the place for irrigation during summer months. In extreme condition, you have to water it for a longer time and keep a regular check on it.


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