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Kitchen Gardens: From Developing A New Hobby to Growing Pesticide-Free Vegetables

It’s a myth when people say that growing fruits and vegetables in homes need a lot of space. Gardening is not just about growing plants on land in a huge spacious lawn, it is about growing vegetation with a meaningful purpose, be it on a plain soil ground or in pots over a balcony and terrace. And all of that sure does require perseverance and patience.

To tip-off a few things of owning a kitchen garden, follow the checklist, to begin with:

  • It is very essential for fruits and vegetables to grow healthy to have plenty of sun exposure as well as just enough shade to keep them protected from the scorching heat. Choose a space with abundant sunlight for 4-5 hours a day and a covered shade for the rest of the day.
  • No doubt, earthen pots are the best options for plants to grow but they can also be replaced with bathtubs, buckets and plastics bottles to make it more cost-effective and Eco-friendly by promoting recycling.
  • Good and nutritional soil base is another essential element in growing plants at home. Soil from a nursery nearby does the job perfectly while adding up natural manure like cow or goat dung and compost coir peat to it. Even the fruits and vegetable peels are as much of a value as the other.
  • A local nursery is also great for buying open-pollinated seeds over the hybrid ones that are available in the market. Once planted into the pot or land, cover them until they grow into tiny saplings, preventing from squirrels and birds.
  • Last but not least, adequate watering for plants is the most important factor, as excess-watering and lack of enough water will both be harmful to them.

Where on one side, a kitchen garden is a healthier way of growing natural and healthy vegetables, it is also much more affordable and cost-efficient for the gardeners on the other. But before heading towards plantation of a newly dream kitchen garden soon after reading this article, it is better recommended to seek a professional’s help to know everything about it.

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