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Indoor planting service

Make Your House Or Workplace a Healthier Space To Live In

Plants are simply far beyond just aesthetics. They mean more to human life than mere decorations. And indoor plants increase the value of life while stimulating the senses and maintaining a healthy environment inside houses or work spaces.

Indoor plant scaping is all about how creatively these beautiful living entities be made a part of our existence while cohabiting with them. Adding plants in indoor spaces not only makes that place more creative and attractive but also has numerous health benefits in having fresh green plants around, maintain an optimal atmosphere. Decorating with interesting interior plant scapes can never go out of fashion, especially when they are beneficial for well-being and vigor staying nearby.

Although it is not difficult to plant greens indoors, however a consultation by professional landscaper is always recommended over self-setups. Disregarding the budget and style chosen for the service, an expert’s help is always valuable over self-analysis for a professional look.

To comprehend what a professional service can do better, know the following things:

  • A design created based on right plant selection, considering all the surrounding factors of the place like availability of light, dimensional area of the physical space, traffic patterns within walls, and desired impact are a few.
  • A detailed outline of the suggested products for a comprehensive proposal on the expenditure for a perfect plant scape.
  • Cleaned and pruned plants, checked for good health and fertilizers, before installation, ensuring a vigorous environment.
  • A routine checkup for maintenance of indoor plant scapes, keeping the greens vibrant and healthy, including watering, pruning and dusting the plants.
  • The best part of having all the greens around is a germ-free environment, giving all the feels of nature while relaxing indoors.

Why Vertical Garden/Green Walls ?

It is a completely innovative and productive thought of co-existing with nature while adding another dimension to an indoor or outdoor living space.

Increased energy efficiency

Reduce stress level 

Sound Barrier

Enhanced air circulation

Improve productivity

Healthier Place

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