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Selection of plants for vertical gardening

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plants for vertical gardening


A vertical garden can only flourish when you chose the right plant for your space. The plant choice plays an important role which is dependent on the climatic conditions and wall exposure. The chosen plant should be light to their root system and must spread not in the pile form. Therefore, you can choose evergreen plants that allow the vertical garden to fulfill its role.

Also, while choosing the plant, you must also calculate the green plant cost and exploitation. You must choose mosses, ornamental grasses, shrubs, perennials and check the tolerance of environmental pollution too.

Here are a few of the best suggestions which you can opt for your vertical garden:


Ferns are chosen for their humidity resistance and adaptability. You can easily grow sword fern, blue star, birds nest fern, all these options are the easiest. These plants generally grow in a downward direction, which means you will need covering plants with them too.


Bromeliads have little shallow roots and therefore need less space to grow which will be ideal for vertical gardens. They offer colourful leaves and flowers that make your garden even more beautiful.


Succulents are also one of the most preferred plants because of their incredible adaptability and fluctuation resistance. One can choose from the plants such as the string of pearls, crassula, echeveria, crassula and sedum.

Air Plants (Epiphyte)

Air plants do not need soil to grow but they grow naturally because of other surrounding plants. These are the perfect choice for vertical gardening. You can choose plants such as vrisesea, Tillandsias, and aechmea.

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