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How to set up vertical garden space

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How to set up vertical garden space


Vertical gardens are becoming a more of a trend. Many people opt to have a vertical garden structure instead of having a full size garden.  Also, it is the most convenient way for everyone who doesn’t want to have a horizontal space and want to have an unattractive wall.

If you are planning to have a vertical garden for your own home, you don’t have to look for a big horizontal space but with the help of vertical garden services you can create an attractive wall at very less space.

Here are few ways to step up a vertical garden on your own :

1. Choose the desired wall

You can choose any wall for this, whether it is ugly or not fully plastered. What we meant by saying any wall is that it doesn’t have to be large in size unless you want a big size garden. You can also select the plant based on the amount of sunlight falls on your selected wall.

2. Build a Frame

Choose a three layer sandwich of a wall which is made of frame, plastic, and fabric. Build up the whole structure before hanging it or can attach it directly to the wall which would be much easier.

3. Cover up with a Plastic Sheet

Attach a plastic sheet to the frame as the plastic acts as a backing for the fabric layer and it keeps water away from the wall.

4. Cover with fabric

After covering the plastic sheet, you can attach the layer to the frame and make a material in which your plant live and hold water. You can choose any thing that retains the water without getting rotten.

5. Build the watering system

To help your plant grow, you need to have a good watering system that offers enough moisture to the fabric layer. You can choose poly tubing and fittings that lock the water into the field and pots. Attach a tube like structure across the top of your panel that drip the water down to the surface.

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