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How to grow a vertical vegetable garden

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Do you live in a city where you find hard to find a little space for gardening? If this is so, then I have good news for you!

We agree that today’s city space offers a very small space for living and imagining a garden space in that s almost impossible.

With little planning and a proper plan, you can grow vegetable gardens anywhere, regardless of the space, the vertical vegetable garden is easy to create. You can create one using shelf vertical gardening services can help you in creating your city home turns into a beautiful peaceful space for living. You can grow a vertical vegetable garden in that small space and enjoy freshly picked veggie from your small garden.

Let’s look at some creative Vertical Garden Design For Home.

Plant in a container

You can plan to grow your veggies in a container-grown plant. Every container can be used to grow vegetable plants. You can grow plants in an old washtub, wooden crates, gallon-sized coffee cans, etc. As many vegetables can be grown n a container, you can choose shelves that have their own benefits and offer enough space to grow a flourished plant. You can keep that pot in any position you like where it gets ample amounts of sunlight at the same time.

Hanging baskets can be used

Hanging baskets can be hanged in your balcony, especially those with lingering characteristics. You can grow peppers, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato vine, etc.

Use Trellises to Support Crops

Trellises can help in supporting trailing or vine crops. A fence can be used for growing beans, peas, tomatoes, etc. You can use stepladder that will support your vine growing plant and make your garden a perfect way for urban gardeners within a limited space.

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