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How to grow a quarantine garden in a small space?

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fight against this corona virus


Today, we face a great threat of COVID-19 as it has taken all over the world and we are still struggling for the vaccine. People are not allowed to travel, move abroad, or not even outside their homes. This pandemic has certainly affected not only the lives of Covid-19 positive patients but also for all normal people. Probably, this is the time you must find good things around you and surround yourself with positivity.

A green garden can definitely come to your rescue and is something that will give you more energy to fight against this Corona Virus.  By following the social distancing concept, you can pack up your space with micro-farms on window sills, porches, balconies or any small space.

Here are some easy steps to grow your own garden in quarantine:

Find out the space to grow garden

The first thing to set up your own garden is to find out the ideal space to grow your plant. You must choose a place that throws an adequate amount of sunlight so that your plant doesn’t die. For instance, a sunny window sill can be a good choice.

Decide things to grow

If you have limited lightening then you can opt for easy herbs such as leafy greens. These are hardy and don’t require full sunlight to grow.

Collect your seeds

Next step is to collect all your seeds, soil, mulch, pots and essential equipment. You can opt for a local garden supply company who can help you during this quarantine situation and order plants online. They will deliver it to you quickly in no time.

Check the soil conditions

After you have received your seeds, you can sprout and grow your plan strong. But before you sow, you must check the conditions of the soil are correct or not.

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