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Solution for Delhi / NCR pollution?

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Vertical gardening services

Delhi pollution is degrading the air we breathe.

Recently,Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) reported that Delhi is facing the worst pollution scenario with air quality index (AQI) reached almost 301. Also, further it is estimated that the air quality could also diminish with the growing time.

This makes us wonder that if this continues to develop then it may make a more suffocating place to survive.

Many residents of Delhi might feel the need to control the growing pollution. They may choose air purifiers to make their space better, but is it healthy?

Doctors Believe Indoor air Purifiers are useless

Curofy conducted a poll on air purifier in controlling the pollution. A total of 1,580 doctors participated in the poll and out of which 1,030 doctors said that air purifiers cannot save from pollution.

While the air purifier can be effective against controlling smog in a limited area but there is no proven research that has proved its efficacy in controlling Delhi pollution.

So, investing in a costly air purifier can be a waste of money.

Instead, you must seek for a natural way to protect your surroundings.

Gardening can be the solution

Planting more and more plants and trees would help you find a good environment and enhances your surrounding air. Vertical gardening services can be the best way to reduce pollution and create an impact inside your home.

Let’s see how a vertical garden can help in reducing the pollution.

Utilize your indoor and outdoor wall in an urban home

The vertical garden uses a clever and practical way in utilizing the indoor and outdoor walls in homes, offices, and public spaces.

Enrich air with oxygen

The plants and greenery help in offering a beautiful look as well as it reduces the smog, toxins and harmful pollution.

Decreases noise pollution

Green space can help a person feel comfortable and cosy. It creates ability in mitigating the noise levels. By planting noise buffers, you can create a composed and peaceful environment. The trees and shrubs can reduce the noise levels by five to ten decibels. On every 30m width of sharp wood, you can diminish the noise levels and this lessens the noise by 30% to the human ear.

Diminish carbon footprint

Gardening is a great solution to improve your space and eliminate the store-bought soil need. By putting the kitchen compost or leaves into the soil, you can help the soil from falling into the ground. Also, you can cover the ground in reducing evaporation that allows you to use less water!

Protect your garden and make it as organic as possible. Get chemical and manure fertilizers in your garden, they are the best example for carbon-intensive products.

Thus, we can clearly say that a vertical garden is a best and easy solution available in a city like Delhi. It uses less space and offers a healthy environment to breathe.

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