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How to care and maintain your vertical garden?

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When you begin the maintenance of your vertical garden, then you have to follow the right way. Fail to care for plants may result in the unhealthy and poor quality of the plants. But, is this maintenance is free?

Learn ahead about the best ways to maintain your garden and how to invest time in watering, fertilizing, weed control, pruning, and pest.

So, if you have contacted a vertical garden service in Gurgaon, for building the garden then you must definitely know about these helpful tips. These tips guarantee that your space could be one of the biggest advantages to maintain your garden and make it much simpler.

Find below some best care and maintenance tips that will let you care about your garden and make the process easy.

Watering plants

No matter how your vertical garden is growing, whether on the patio or hung on the wall, you must know how to water them. You can choose to water at the base rather than from top to prevent fungus and bacteria growth.

Training and Tying

The vining plants are the excellent climbers that can quickly cover a trellis without your help. But, it requires support and can be tied to maintain the tips for training and tying plant.

Weed Control

If your vertical garden plants are in the containers or pot then the vertical structures like wall pockets, towers, or living art can deal with the weeds. While caring for the garden in the whole ground is a different thing.


Fertilizing is also one of the important parts to maintain your vertical garden. Many plants are available that will grow throughout the season if they are fed well. When you offer proper nutrients and essentials to the plants, they will grow in their best form.

Thus, follow the above tips to maintain your garden or take help from professional vertical garden services in Gurgaon.

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