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Grow Your Vertical Garden At Your Own House

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Vertical Garden Services in Lucknow


A vertical garden is the most advantageous thing to grow in the outskirts of your space. When you fill your small space with a vertical garden, it makes it even more attractive as well as it offers you enough oxygen within the home. Vertical garden suppliers in India can come to your rescue and build a beautiful garden of your dream.

Nowadays, making a room for a garden is not easy. Many hard core gardening buffs have found a way around vertical gardens. Containers or geo felt bags are mounted on the walls and some have a drip irrigation system for easy management. These garden spaces are quite a popular trend not only in India but in abroad as well.

When you start a vertical gardening task, it can be a costly affair. It takes away a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain it.

Green walls allow breathing easier and make plants purify and healthy. Plants purify the environment and soothe our senses. When you have green plants at your home, it symbolizes growth, auspiciousness and productivity.

Now, let’s see how you can begin your vertical garden by taking vertical garden suppliers.

How to begin

Start by defining your area where you need green walls. No matter what plant you choose, ensure that it is kept under direct sunlight. Estimate your budget and start selecting reasonable items.

Area required

Find an extensive space such as boundary wall or a small balcony wall. The whole structure will include a three-layer sandwich including a frame, plastic sheet and fabric. Mounting the space is easy if you want to create a partition and a freestanding green wall. The wall can be movable making it an amazing option to break the monotony and position.

Picking right plants

The location of the wall also makes your garden beautiful. For indoor space, we use plants that grow in shade, outdoors and some sun-loving varieties. If you are putting in the balconies then choose semi-shade plants.

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