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A green wall is a grass wall that is completely covered with greenery and includes other organic growing mediums such as soil, water or a substrate. The green walls also include an integrated water delivery system which is also known as a living wall or vertical garden.

What are living green walls?

Living green walls are the wall made from living plants that need soil and water from time to time. These are available as a free-standing wall or attached to walls.

How do green walls work?

The green walls services in Delhi NCR are well constructed in the same way as actual walls. These walls are built on a skeletal structure and hung with different section constituting flowers and plants that make up a beautiful Green Wall.

The functioning of the green walls depends on what types of green walls are installed. There are two types of green walls; one has hidden pipes that provide a self-watering system while the other requires hand watering to keep plants and flowers healthy.

What are the benefits of living green walls?

The best benefit of the green wall is that they offer a healthy and beautiful environment which is often missing at urban spaces.

When are green walls used indoors?

The green walls can be easily used at any indoor location. If you are looking to renovate your office space then a green wall is a great option for any business. It creates a healthy and beautiful environment, as well as the green color, creates a nice appeal. You can add it in lobbies, meeting rooms, hallways and reception areas.

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