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Five Principles of Landscape Design

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Landscape Design for Front Yard


When you decide to build a landscape design, your mind must already be juggling between many Landscape Design Ideas. But what strikes your mind is a theory. Yes, we believe a landscape garden design has some principles that make it the perfect choice to grow essentials.

These principles don’t have any order or hierarchy but it has great importance in making a beautiful gardening concept. These principles can improve the sustainable landscape design and gives you a better idea on how to choose a perfect design and what things to look for.


There are many elements in a Landscape Design for Front Yard that do not play a role in improvement but prioritizing it is one of the best ways to build a clean, neat and uncluttered garden.


You must also seek for the shape, size, and form selection as the more diverse it will be, the more it will appeal. But, do not ignore the first principle while creating the variety.


Maintaining a balance in everything makes a beautiful design. It ensures that the design is well-drafted and created after thorough analysis.


Strengthening different parts of Landscape Design for Back Yard such as texture, form or colour etc will provide interest to eye and the vibrant feel will feel chaotic.


Placement of each design in the elements of the plant is also important such as plant size, shape and texture are used wisely. Progressive changes in the design will make it a smooth, appealing placement.

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