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Clever ways to make a creative vertical garden space

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Why you must utilize your small space and make it a creative design idea for your garden? It generally, does not matter what is the size of your garden or how firm your garden is, you must believe that you can improve your garden by enhancing its productivity and functionality thereby making it a likable place to live.

Simply to put, a vertical gardening service provider utilizes a structure and maximize the growth space for both horizontal and vertical planes.

So, here we have listed out some creative ideas that can be ideal for your outdoor living areas with arbours, repurposed stairways, dangling containers, etc.

Arbor, Trellis, & Obelisk for patio

You can choose any of these plants to add to your space with a variety of vertical garden structure.

Succulent Wall Planters

The wall planters are also a nice concept that occupies very less space and creates a perfect frame succulent garden which you can hang on your wall or fence.

Make an Outdoor Wall Plant Shelf

This is also an easy project that you can do it on your own by taking some potted plants to dress up.

Staircase Plant Stand

The staircase plant stand is also one interesting concept that can be tried for indoor space. If you have any old ladder at home, you can use it to make your garden space more interesting.

Make a Flower Garden Roof

This idea could be interesting for birdhouse or if you want to create a shed or greenhouse.

You can either try this concepts and ideas on your own or can take help from vertical garden suppliers in India.

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