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A right choice of plant in a garden can turn out into a beautiful looking garden. So, start with selecting beautiful plants by taking help from vertical garden services in Gurgaon and build a garden of your dreams.

What beautiful plants you could grow in your garden?


Tropical hibiscus is the ultimate choice if you want to create a tropical touch. It creates a huge blossom up to 8 inches in diameter and a shrubby upright plant that grows big and forms a tree. The size of the plants grows in small size up to 8 inches in diameter on a shrubby plant that grows as a tree. The plant blossoms and lasts for only one day or two. Many plants even freely blossom during late spring or fall and winter.

If you are growing this plant then keep the plant mostly indoor and give it indoor light.


Oxalis is one triangular, clover-shaped like purple leaves that show pink or white blossom. You can even go for varieties or choose silver accents. Oxalis grows from the small bulbils of the soil and you can divide it any time when the plan becomes crowded in its vase.


Jasmine is also a good flower option you can choose for your garden. You can find the favourite jasmine based on your choices like Flower jasmine (J. polyanthum) and Arabian jasmine (J. sambac). These are two of the easiest plant you can grow and generate plenty of light and moisture. They also bear in fragrant pink colour and continue to glow in white blooms.

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