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Amidst Coronavirus, a vertical garden offers stress relief

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With the corona virus pandemic occurred in the normal swings of our lives, a garden especially filled up with beautiful plants are a perfect solace to find peace. 

We understand that things are not right these days. It is becoming impossible to go out for a long walk or relax outside at peace. The Covid-19 pandemic has created havoc all over the world that the saying “stay home and stay safe” has become the most essential thing. But in the midst of it, how do you find fresh air or find a place to relax and stay healthy. Probably, the gardens are the best place where almost everyone wants to spend their time and feel comforting.

Here are a few tips you can use for your garden during quarantine and spend your time doing some productive thing:

1. Start cutting

This is the best time when you can start cutting a garden shrub and get your beloved house plant or garden shrub. You can opt for potting soil or per lite or the old glass-of-water will also work.

2. Remove weeds

You can also try to remove all the weeds. Just give your 10 minutes into it and you can easily clean up your place.

3. Plant seeds

You can also plan to plant your stuff and eat whenever you want. This will let you stay inside your home without having to go out to buy vegetables.

So, how to get the seeds? Scoop out the seeds from the tomato slice and plant them in 4-inch pots or the ground. You will see the fresh seeds will come out quickly.

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