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3 Genius Vertical Garden Design Ideas For Home

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If you are living in an apartment and have s small space then you might have often struggled with keeping up things. Especially if you love nature, flowers, plants then you must have kept your passion deep down hidden. Well, you don’t have to keep it hidden now!

We have brought some sincerely cool and genius Vertical garden design for a home that you can easily pull it out within your home.

Have a look at three ideas below:

Vertical Lettuce Planter

If you love lettuce, herbs, or green leafy vegetables then you will surely love vertical lettuce planter. You can make a beautiful vertical garden with minimal space and efforts. It can be completed with 2-3 hours. You just have to collect all essentials and start your vertical garden planting.

Vertical Pallet Planter

For this type of vertical pallet planter, you can choose different types of plants like herbs, salad greens or ornamentals. These can be grown in a small space and can be best if you plant it in a pallet.

Trellis Planter Holder

You have to buy a few planter holders and you are ready to go. Few trellises can be a great idea which you can attach them in a window to improve its appearance. These could help you make a dull wall interesting and could save plants from pets and children.

So, what you are waiting for? If you need any professional, you can contact us and get started. Find the genuine Vertical Garden Price from us to get your vertical gardening service done.

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