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10 Best Vertical Gardening Ideas to turn your small space into a beautiful garden

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Best Vertical Gardening Ideas


Vertical gardening is a technique to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, roots, crops, etc. in your garden space. You can turn your boring space into a beautiful garden and root it up using containers that hang on the wall. Many traditional gardens follow the same technique and use climbing plants such as squashes, beans, trellises, and more exciting things. Vertical gardening is a step ahead as it allows non-climbing plants a space to grow on the wall.

The best part about vertical gardening is that it takes up less space and is easier to harvest and maintain.

Here are some ways and ideas you can follow in your home for the upcoming season:

  1. Use old gutter sections for gardening space and use it as a window box or for more.
  2. Use your garden space as a traditional trellis system and grow vining vegetables such as larger harvest, cleaner garden, and a place to hid tomatoes.
  3. Try tower garden to take your vertical gardening to another level.
  4. Follow a vertical tray system and grow good and strong herbs.
  5. Try DIY decoration for your vertical garden space by taking some plywood, background cloth, a bed, and a staple gun.
  6. Make your garden space interesting using hardware cloth and a frame it to create tomatoes trellis.
  7. Use recycled bottles and suspends hardware cloth and a frame for creating a strong trellis for tomatoes.
  8. Prepare a wall planter by using some bins and fill the entire bottom with soil or other small containers/pots.
  9. Use your old staircase and transform it into a new age vertical gardening system.
  10. Make a canvas pouch by using your old shoe organizer or get something similar to flora felt.

By now you must have got all ideas to use your small space turn into a beautiful garden.

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